I sure do love my lemon tree

girl: I’m so glad. I’m so glad that our lemon tree finally grew.

guy: me too

girl: and sprouted fruitful lemony lemons

guy: I know. me too. I mean imagine. we can make lemonade. key lemon pie. lemon meringue pie.

girl: I think it’s the most valuable property that we have.

  • lemon stealing whore enters in the scene *

guy: I do agree. I think we should go to the bank and get a loan.

girl: * giggles *

guy: actually I think we should just get lemon tree insurance.

  • lemon stealing whore starts stealing lemons like a whore *

girl: I think you’re right.

guy: and then get a loan and then use the lemon tree as collateral because it is now insured. I truly do love our lemon tree.

girl: just imagine a life full of lemon trees

guy: I know. and all and our beautiful lemons. there’s

girl: endless possibilities.

  • lemon stealing whore continues stealing lemons like a whore *

guy: endless possibilities. they’re so beautiful.

girl: (guy says “ehh hehh” while the girl speaks) I wish I were a lemon.

guy: you wish you were a lemon? if you were a lemon, I’d put you on my shelf and cherish you like I cherish all our lemons.

girl: that’s so beautiful (beautiful is said in a weird way)

guy: * exhales * I try.

girl: like… I only hope that the whores aren’t stealling our lemons. you know.. those naughty lemon whores always… steal.. lemons.

guy: we do have a couple of those lemon whores in this.. in this community.

girl: those damn lemon stealing whores.

guy: I hate them. because now… no one will take our prized lemons from us.

girl: hey has it been about ten seconds since we’ve looked at our lemon tree?

guy: it has been about ten seconds till we’ve looked at a lemon tree.

girl: gosh…

(second of silence)

(the guy and girl turn around only to discover many lemons in the vagina of a lemon stealing whore. the lemon stealing whore was caught)

girl: hey!

guy: hey what the FUCC?!?!